Mental Health and PBS Disparities Workgroup

The Mental Health and PBS Disparities Workgroup represents and advocates for both minority and underserved populations and PBS implementors and practitioners from those groups. The Workgroup seeks to reduce mental health disparities in implementation services and research, which disproportionately affect women and minority populations. The Workgroup aims to promote the recruitment and development of PBS implementors and researchers from minority and underrepresented groups.

Highlights of Responsibilities

  • Increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and foster the development of attitudes, knowledge, and skills in the areas of cultural competence through consultation, education, and advocacy within both the APBS and the field of PBS.
  • In cooperation with other appropriate APBS components, enhance the quality and quantity of education in PBS, at all educational levels, including undergraduate, post-graduate, and beyond.
  • Develop PBS leadership from minority and underrepresented groups both within the profession and APBS.
  • Produce at minimum 2 work products semi-annually to support these efforts in partnership with another organization or solely APBS.
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