Practice Guidelines Workgroup

The Practice Guidelines Workgroup provides close oversight of various practice guideline-related projects and is responsible for actualizing the work of the projects. The specific charge to the committee includes:
  • Defining the APBS guideline development process and ensuring adherence to the process.
  • Identifying areas in which PBS implementors and families’ decision-making can be optimized by evidence-based recommendations and selecting and prioritizing topics for practice guidelines.
  • Providing direction and advice on issues arising during guideline development and the work of guideline writing groups.
  • Approving submission of finalized guidelines to the APBS Board of Directors for Association approval.
  • Providing expertise and education in evidence-based guidelines development to APBS as well as other professionals in adjacent industries.
  • Advocating for the development, dissemination, and implementation of practice guidelines and promoting educational and training efforts to assist implementors, practitioners, and families in care decisions.
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