Mental Health and Positive Behavior support Ad Hoc Committee

Description of Committee

The goal of the committee is to build deeper connections to mental health by sharing resources and organizing facilitated exploratory conversations with our members. APBS is interested in increasing the diversity and number of practitioners working in mental health and related fields.

List of members and how to get involved


Rachel Freeman, Board of Directors
Bob Putnam, Ex Officio, Board of Directors

List of Current Members (updated annually)

Please email to request to join the committee

Regular Committee Members:

Susan Barrett, Joanne Cashman, Laura Kern, Kelcey Schmitz, Lucille Eber, Mara Power, Marney Pollack

MH Ad Hoc 2022-2023 meeting dates include:

  • December 19, 2022

Sample of work occurring and resources

The APBS mental health committee has been working on organizing resources to share on These resources have been vetted by experts in the field of mental health and positive behavior support. The committee is also working on strategies to encourage collaboration among APBS members and with families and mental health practitioners in the schools and communities. Members of APBS have an opportunity to join in on conversations that are guided by the document: Advancing Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems: Guidance from the Field.

APBS Mental Health Committee members participated with other stakeholder groups in co-creating Dialogue Guides on the eight core components identified in the document. The final products are available on the website of the National Center for School Mental Health

This work is of importance to APBS members because they help leaders, practitioners, and families to probe the issue that separate us, understand the common interests that can bring us together, and take collective action.

Advancing comprehensive school mental health systems: guidance from the field
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